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The Core Excel Course

the "fundamental excel" skills you deserve

- mehul thakkar

@just ₹1,999 ₹2,999

What you’ll learn?

Course Content

Using the SIte and Forums

  • Best way to learn using site features

Intro to Excel

  • Components of Excel
  • Intro to Excel UI
  • File Saving and recovery
  • Sheet types
  • Autofill

Getting Comfortable with Excel

  • Intro to Navigation
  • Cell Referencing
  • Error Types
  • Insert Delete Cells
  • Range name


  • IF
  • AND
  • OR


  • Basic Date Functions – Day, Month, Year, Weeknum, Weekday and Text.
  • Difference between two dates
  • Fix ddmmyy or mmddyy Date Format
  • Qtr using EDATE,EOMONTH
  • Dates concatenate using TEXT
  • Calculate Due Date & Work days


  • Text – LEFT, RIGHT, MID
  • Text Functions – FIND, MID, LEN
  • Text Function – Replace
  • Upper Lower Proper


  • Vlookup with Exact Match
  • Range Lookup Approx
  • Vlookup with IF
  • VLookup with Duplicates
  • Vlookup with Trim Function
  • Reverse direction Vlookup
  • INDEX & MATCH function


  • Summary Functions

Pivot Tables

  • Pivottables 1

What If Analysis

  • What if goal seek
  • What if data table
  • What if scenario manager

New Video – Core Excel – Power Query

  • 26AS from text

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@just ₹1,999₹2,999

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  • Earn your Excel Certificate by completing the course.

Mehul Thakkar

Founder of
Awesome Analytics

Know your Mentor

I am a person who would write a piece of code and make my systems do all the work while I sit back and enjoy reading a book. After all, computers were invented to do your work, not the other way round. I strongly believe in this thought:

“Automate your work, Elevate your life”

@ Just ₹1,999 ₹2,999


Increase Productivity
Be the master at your job
Excel Skills Get Higher Salaries
1st Step to Data Analytics


Why is Excel important?

No matter which organization you work in, chances are they use spreadsheets. And most of these spreadsheets are going it be MS Excel. Excel is important because it is widely used. You want to make your career in Data Analytics and Finance, you definitely need excel. But more importantly if you need to do any kind of data handling or calculations you need some basic excel skills. They should be called survival skills rather than excel skills, since your career will not survive without Excel, specially if you handle any kind of data.

What kind of certification will I get after completion of this course?

You shall be issued a digital certificate, that you can use on LinkedIn as well in your job interviews. This certificate is issued after successful completion of the course and its lesson objectives, quizzes and assignments, if any. These certificates are non-transferable.

Do I need prior Excel knowledge?

You don’t need excel skills for this training. Basic navigational
Excel skills are enough to start with.

Duration of access?

One(1) Year